Shandong University of Technology dates its founding to 1956. Situated in Zibo, one of China’s most historic cities and the cradle of the ancient Qi Culture, the University is distinctive for its science and engineering with the prioritized support from Shandong Province.

As one of the National Pilot Zones for Innovative Talents Training Mode program, SDUT is among the first group of pilot schools for A Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers of national level and one of the pilot universities for the College English Teaching Reform in China. The University also serves as one of the training institutes for the National College Students Know About Business (KAB) Entrepreneurship Program and one of pilot schools for the National Information-based Education Program. Now SDUT has been entitled as“the Distinctive University in Training Applied Talents”by Shandong Province.

SDUT has 25 schools, the post-doctoral research station of mechanical engineering,3 authorized disciplines to grantthe doctoral degree which covers 13 sub-disciplines for the doctoral degree. In addition,the University has 21 authorized disciplines to grant Master’s degree which covers 98 sub-disciplines for master’s degree. As for the professional degrees, SDUT has 14 subjects for master’s degree in engineering, 5 for master’s degree in agricultural extension, as well as the subjects for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Finance (MF).The undergraduate programs cover 9 categories, namely, engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, history, pedagogy and art, thus resulting in a balanced layout focused on engineering and ensuring coordinated development of all the disciplines.The University has a total enrollment of over 33,300 full-time undergraduate, and 2,900 postgraduate students.

The University has abundant educational resources and well-equipped facilities.Sticking to the principle of “high starting point, superb quality and good taste, and in accordance with the construction objectives of being ecological, garden-like, digital and humanized, the University has put in great investment to seek continuous improvement of the education conditions.

The University covers an area of 240 hectares or 3,600 Mu. The quiet surroundings, flourishing trees and flowers and the green carpet of grass create pleasant scenery,presenting the beauty of harmony between human and nature. With a floor space of 1.05 million square meters, the University has a total sports area of 164, 000 square meters, 268 multi-media lecture halls and well-equipped teaching facilities for physical education. The library contains a collection of 6.11 million volumes of books (of which 3.05 million volumes are electronic) and 24,000 types of journals in both Chinese and foreign languages (including electrical journals).

The total value of instruments and equipment for teaching and research reaches 393 million yuan or 61.89 million US dollars.

There are 21 laboratories co-built by the central and the local governments, 4 national engineering practice centers, 1 national model center for experiment teaching, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, 2 Shandong provincial model centers for experiment teaching and 13 Shandong provincial experiment teaching centers for key disciplines. SDUT also is one of the national key training institutes for the vocational faculty.

The advanced campus network links the whole campus and there are public service platforms such as the Education Technology Center and the Center for Analysis and Test.

In conformity with the faculty building guideline of gathering talents, cultivating teams and producing masters, the University makes simultaneous efforts to attract high-quality talents and train its own faculty to form a devoted team with a reasonable personnel structure.

Among 1,924 members of the faculty, there are 236 professors and 653 associate professors. 525 faculty members have doctorate degrees. 16 hold the honor of State Young and Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions, or candidates of the National New Century 100, 1,000 and 10,000 Talents Project or recipients of the State Council Special Allowance. Now 34 professors are respectively granted with the title of Mount Tai Scholar (Overseas) Distinguished Professor, Young and Middle-Aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province, or Teaching Masters of Shandong Province. 45 faculty members are doctoral tutors. 

Also, the University has recruited 5 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as some adjunct professors.

With teaching always playing a pivotal role among all work, SDUT advocates the teaching spirit of serving as role models and teaching with tireless zeal and the learning spirit of excelling in both morality and career and learning without satiety. 

While strengthening the credit reform, the University has established a three-in-one talent training system stressing knowledge, capability and quality to ensure the training of high-level professionals with a solid foundation, excellent competence, high quality and innovative spirits. 

Comprehensive teaching reform has also been undertaken and the building of disciplines, courses and teaching teams have been enhanced. Since 2003, the University has been awarded 27 teaching achievement prizes of provincial or above level, among which 2 are second prizes of national level. 2 teams are entitled as the national level teaching teams and 7 as provincial level teaching teams. 5 disciplines are selected as the national level programs with special features, and 14 as provincial level brand-name programs or provincial level programs with special features. 5 courses are awarded the national level quality courses while 1 course is a national level bilingual model course and 52 courses are provincial level quality courses. 30 textbooks are listed as planned ones.

By implementing the research and innovation training plan for college students, SDUT has improved the practical and innovative abilities of the students. This has led to the winning of almost 4,300 prizes in various kinds of important events, such as the Challenge Cup Contest for the National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science &Technology Works, the National Contest of Mathematics Models, etc. Of them, 82 are international awards, 19 national grand awards and 244 national first prizes. 

Thanks to the fairly high employment rate and quality, the University has been entitled the Outstanding Organization for General University Graduates Employment in Shandong Province.

Postgraduate education innovation has been strengthened to cultivate the postgraduates' innovative ability. With 15 co-built training institutes, the University has been entitled the Outstanding  Organization for Postgraduate Education Management and Discipline Development in Shandong Province.

Adhering to the scientific research guideline of more academic achievements, more talents and more benefits, the University has integrated its scientific research force, established academic teams, set the main directions to actively serve the local economic and social development. 

Now, the University has 1 national engineering research center and 1 engineering research center co-built by the state and local governments. Shandong Research Institute of Engineering and Technology is headquartered in the University. SDUT has 14 provincial research centers of engineering and technology, 12 key provincial disciplines, 6 key provincial laboratories and 4 provincial research institutes of humanities and social science.

SDUT actively cooperates with enterprises and research institutes to integrate production, teaching and research, thus strengthening the manufacturing industry of Shandong Province. The University has jointly set up over 100 research and development entities with enterprises and research institutes and became one of the major scientific research and technological innovation institutes in Shandong Province.

Since 2003, the University has taken up 1,300 research projects of various types, among which more than 260 are part of the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program),  the National Key Technology Research and Development Program , the National Natural Science Foundation or the National Social Science Foundation. SDUT has won about 144 scientific research awards of provincial or above levels, among which 2 are second prizes of National Award for Technological Invention in 2006 and 2007, and 5 are second prizes of National Award for Progress in Science and Technology in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

SDUT is open to the world, stressing the international exchange and cooperation. It has established friendship and cooperation with over 50 institutions of higher education in the USA, UK, ROK, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. And the substantial progress has been made.

The University explores the channels of cooperation with overseas partners to push forward the process of internationalization and has initiated 6 joint education programs with institutions of several countries.

SDUT vigorously develops international education and more than 3,300 international students have received education in the University. 

SDUT greatly encourages mutual scholar visits, academic exchanges, attaching much importance to the recruitment of overseas talents. After recruiting the high-level foreign experts and scholars as professors or lecturers, the University has enhanced its quality of talent training.

Facing new development and opportunities of higher education and upholding the school motto “Integrity, Learning, Commitment, and Perfection”, SDUT takes talent training as a fundamental task, keeping discipline development as the first priority, improvement of quality as the core task, scientific research as the key point and the team building as the focal point. SDUT will fully carry out the strategy of being consolidated with quality, strengthened by research, supported by talents, highlighted by features, and vitalized by opening to promote connotative development and make the features prominent. By setting free minds, seeking truth from facts, innovating systems and following scientific development, every member of SDUT is making great efforts to turn the school into a well-known teaching-research oriented university in China. 

(Data as of June 2015.)